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The philosophy of maki Golf Promotion is very simple. The slogan "We combine sport, networking and business" guided us from the very beginning of creating our brand. We chose such attributes for a reason. We have created a place that, through our passion, which is golf, will also combine sports competition, meeting new people and, most importantly, building business relationships.

Why are the attributes of our brand include SPORT, NETWORKING and BUSINESS?


Golf is, above all, great fun and a passion for life. Golf can be played regardless of age, which is why it is a great way to spend your free time! However, it should not be forgotten that in the case of golf competitions it is primarily competition, but let us remember that it is a sport for gentlemen and ladies. Which means the determined willingness to be fair play in relation to other players and this is what distinguishes the sports golf competition. We are opponents on the field, but at the same time we help each other find the ball. And this is beautiful!


The passion for golf allows us to meet new people. When we go to a two-day golf event with a banquet, we meet dozens of new people in one place. Whose passion is golf and one more important thing - business.


All over the world, golf is considered a sport for businessmen and businesswomen. Nowhere will you get to know your new business partner better than on an 18 hole golf course. During such a few hours of gameplay, we can learn about his approach to stressful situations and his tactical approach to the game. Then we can also check if our partner is fair play. This is important both in the game and in business.

There is a reason why golf can be compared to chess. It is a typical strategy game, although at first glance it seems to be just hitting the hole with the ball.


We created Golf Promotion to connect people with passion in our country. Entrepreneurs, Directors and Managers to get to know each other better and build long-term social and business relationships. However, our goal is not to bring everyone together! We want our professions to be elite. That is why we decided to create tournaments for a narrow group of selected people. You will be able to get in only by invitation. The starting list for the competition is to be limited to 80 people so that the competition runs as smoothly as possible and is not overcrowded. In addition, we do not want people undesirable by our participants to appear in the competition, so the list will be verified. 

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However, it must not be forgotten that the events organized by Golf Promotion are also a great place to promote your own business. Where an elite group of 80 competitors will meet. Therefore, if:

Do you have a premium product?

 Or maybe you want to advertise your company in the company of VIP?

Do you want to learn about new business opportunities or find new business partners? 

There is a great place for your brand.

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