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However, it must not be forgotten that the events organized by Golf Promotion are also a great place to promote your own business. Where an elite group of 80 competitors will meet. Therefore, if:

Do you have a premium product?

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Do you want to learn about new business opportunities or find new business partners? 

There is a great place for your brand.

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Our events

17-18 May 2022

Wroclaw Golf Club (Toya)

GP Robelit Invitational

14-15 June 2022

Mazury Golf & Cuntry Club

GP Robelit Invitational

05-06 July 2022

Kraków Valley Golf & Country Club

GP Robelit Invitational

09-10 August 2022

Rosa Private Golf Club

GP Robelit Invitational

More details soon

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